Become A Vendor

Do you have an online store, storefront, or even a FB/IG shop? Interested in carrying our product and making some money in the process. Well we are here to help! We encourage partnership and are happy to partner with new vendors.

The process is very simple. Fill out the form below. We will get in contact with you at our earliest convenience to approve your selling platform and negotiate pricing. After that you may proceed with your business however you see fit. Price it how you want, create coupons and promos, advertise, send out newsletters or however you feel you want to run it.

We handle the distribution and shipping. Once you get an order in your store you simply place your order on our website with your special pricing. Input your customer’s information and we ship directly to them! This is often referred to as drop shipping. We take pride in allowing you to run your business how you like without much restriction.

If you would like to carry your own inventory or have a storefront and would like to order in bulk, we facilitate that as well. There is an option in the form below to specify that you would like to be ordering in bulk. Please input that you would like to be doing bulk orders so we can discuss that when we reach out!

Our success is based on your success! So we go above and beyond to help you. We provide as much marketing material as possible to our vendors so that they better chances of success. As a manufacturer we provide images for Instagram and website purposes. Video ads for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and other social media advertising. Product videos for more content for your Instagram and YouTube. We have tons of content for you to help with your success, just shoot us a message and ask us for anything you need that we may be able to provide! We are here to help.


*Influencer Alert*

If you are an influencer interested in getting involved with our business but do not have the means, you may have reached the right place. We help with that too! We help influencers create online stores to facilitate their business. Some people have the audience but simply lack the technical skills to expand on the internet.