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It’s no secret that the foundation to good health is good digestion. Digestion is the most important part of the entire nutrition game. Digestion is a process of extracting nutrients from the food and supplements that we put down our throat. It is at the intestines the final step where we actually absorb all of our nutrients. You have a small and a large intestine. Without proper digestion everything you put in your body will always be less effective by not entering the body.

The large intestines are interesting in that digestion happens at that location second. The small intestines are  where most of the absorption happens through villi and microvilli. This is how most of your nutrients are actually absorbed into the body. The rest being mostly waste is passed onto the large intestines for excretion.

However there is further absorption that happens in the large intestines. There is actually an entire bacteria culture inhabiting your large intestines for the purpose of digestion. These are good bacteria and they are referred to as gut flora or microbiota. They are responsible for digesting some very specific things like gluten, and are just as important to digestion as your small intestine. Pure Probiotics gummies contain 1 billion units of colony forming units(CFU) to help improve or balance your microbiota.

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